10 Reasons Why Yoga is Good For Your Mental Health

1. It focuses your mind on your body, rather than your worries.
2. It is time just for you-no one else.
3. It encourages you to breathe.
4. It keeps you flexible.
5. It will help you sleep better at night.
6. It is good to do things just for fun.
7. It provides an opportunity to socialize.
8. It helps connect your mind and body.
9. It keeps you in the present moment.
10. Learning new things helps to keep you young.


About victoriacounsellor

A former counsellor, with an M.A. in Psychology and over 20 years in the field, I continue to be fascinated with human nature. This blog endeavours to share positive observations and stories on "keeping it real", finding balance in life, and striving for personal transformation.
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