Childhood Ingenuity

Spin baby spin!

The developing mind is a beautiful thing.  Today I watched my six-year old come up with seemingly infinite ways to play with his toy bin.  He emptied the bin, and abandoned the toys.  He sat in the bin, he rolled in it, he hid under it, he spun it around, he pretended he was being chased by it.

I watched my son play, in awe of his creativity.  I intervened only when he began to put the cat in the bin, and I worried that she would become the center of a centrifuge.

Children are driven to play.  They naturally explore things, and are not confined by conventions, expectations, or instructions carefully written and numbered by adults.

It is moments like these that remind me why I love being a mom and a play therapist.  A child’s world is really a wonderous thing–it is a joy and a privilege to have a front row seat.  Sometimes I even get to ride “shotgun”.


About victoriacounsellor

A former counsellor, with an M.A. in Psychology and over 20 years in the field, I continue to be fascinated with human nature. This blog endeavours to share positive observations and stories on "keeping it real", finding balance in life, and striving for personal transformation.
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