Funding for Anti-bullying Program Released, But Limited to Kids Under 6

Anti-bullying program to be expanded in B.C. schools.

Good news was released by news outlets in Victoria and Vancouver today–Roots of Empathy programs will be funded for the 2011-12 school year.

The Roots of Empathy program encourages the development of empathy in young children, which then serves to prevent bullying behaviour later on.

A mother and baby visit classrooms with a Roots of Empathy facilitator.  Empathy is fostered by the children viewing life through the eyes of the infant, and the parent who anticipates and meets their needs.  The children also develop an attachment of sorts to the infant, who grows and changes over the course of time.

Unfortunately, Premier Clark’s announcement indicates that the program will be released through Kindergarten classes, and to some early childhood centers.  There is no indication that the anti-bullying program will be released to children in other Elementary School grades.  There is also no indication of funding for anti-bullying programs in High School.


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A former counsellor, with an M.A. in Psychology and over 20 years in the field, I continue to be fascinated with human nature. This blog endeavours to share positive observations and stories on "keeping it real", finding balance in life, and striving for personal transformation.
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